Passionate about what can be achieved through good design.

The Renew team have been working together for over 10 years and remain passionate about the design process and what can be achieved.

Our approach is to work with each private client in the way in which they would like to work. We can either handle the project from design and run all of the project management, organise contractors and ensure everything is completed on time and to budget. Alternatively, we can create the designs and work with your chosen contractors.

Over the years we have refined our trusted network of suppliers and partners, all who carry the same dedication to delivery the very best.

We work across the UK and in the Marbella region of southern Spain. 

I simply love the design process and understanding the individual wishes of our clients.

For me, the process of creating a new interior should be an enjoyable and exciting process, not spoilt by delays or issues. 

We have a very talented network of partners, each experienced within their own craft, all with the same desire to deliver the very best, on time and to exceed all client expectations.


Your home is your haven. The one place you always look forward to returning to. Home means something different for everyone and the design should reflect that. The key to successful design is that it reflects the owners personality and lifestyle.  

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Whilst commercial interior design has far reaching practical considerations, the design must reflect the brand ethos of the business, to connect with customers at every touchpoint. Our team are well versed in successful delivery of commercial projects with a confidence to deliver on-time, always.

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